The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has been by far my favorite diet/ way of life. It is so easy to follow, and I never feel that I lack anything. My favorite thing about it is that you can eat sweet foods, which is unlike most of what I’ve done before. Because I can have most things, it is very easy to stay on, and it works! Some of my favorite things to have on this diet are smoothies, roasted vegetables with salmon, chicken, hummus and carrots, all fruits, sweet potato, and new dairy and grain free things I’ve been trying out!

Here are some newer things I’ve been loving.

While I’ve been on this diet, I have realized that there is no need for grain in meals. There are many other alternatives that taste great.

For example, I started using chickpea crumbs to make breaded chicken. It tastes so delicious and crispy, and I can’t tell the difference.

I also like to incorporate beans into my meals instead of rice. Beans are nice because they really help to keep you full, and I personally really enjoy them. My favorite kind are black beans. I like to eat them with pretty much everything, but mostly on eggs. It makes a kind of open breakfast burrito without the wrap; scrambled eggs, beans, salsa, and avocado. I also like to eat them as a side for dinner or lunch.

You can even bake and make breads on this diet. I have made paleo bread a few times now, and I really enjoy it. Honestly, one of the easiest ways to loose weight, is to cut out grain and bread. When there are options as delicious as this, why even bother with the other stuff. I can also have bread sticks and desserts like the lemon pound cake we had for Easter.

With this diet, you can loose weight and eat chocolate (I know right- crazy). I love the rich taste of dark chocolate. It’s on of my go-tos when I am feeling a craving for something sweet. It is lower in sugar than other chocolates or sweets, so it’s a good way to kick those cravings to the curb. I also love having Dark chocolate covered almonds. They are so delicious, that I can only buy them sometimes because the bag empties way to fast.

My What I Eat in a Day YouTube video goes into more detail of things I like to eat being Paleo.

There are also a lot of snacks that I really enjoy. My other blog post, Healthy Food Brands I Love, is more specific on the kinds of snacks I like to have.

I hope this has given you a glimpse into the Paleo diet, and shown you that it doesn’t have to be hard to loose weight. A few small changes, and persistence can get you to your goal. I’m not to my goal yet, but I’m getting there. I’ll keep you updated ;).

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