My sunglasses collection

Spring break and summer vacation can’t seem to come soon enough, and the thought of warmth is clouding my brain. So I’ve been looking through my sunglasses and even buying more to give myself a taste of sunglasses wearing weather. A lot of them are pretty quirky, but when it comes to sunglasses, I feel nothing is off limits. Sunglasses have been the accessory of choice recently with fashion icons like Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, and I’ve stemmed inspiration for my more recent picks from them. A few also have a very 70s era vibe that, if you know me, is right up my alley.

These glasses are from TJ Maxx. If you’re on a budget and are looking for designer glasses, I recommend TJMaxx. These glasses are the oldest ones in my collection. I am pretty sure they are Jessica Simpson.

These are another pair from Tjmaxx. They’re pretty basic, but definitely still cute.

This pair is from Charlotte Ruse. They are actually more pink than they look in the picture. These are definitely a very affordable pair of glasses, and Charlotte Ruse carries all different kinds of glasses.

I am absolutely in love with these glasses. I got this pair from Ron Jon Surf Shop over the summer, and I wore them nonstop. If you watch my videos on YouTube, you’d recognize these from my Alaska vlog. They have a really pretty fade that goes from blue to pink and the sick octagon frame.

These are my only mirrored pair of glasses. They’ve got a pink tint to them. They are so pretty and really nice for staring, if you know what I mean.

These glasses are actually from party city. I got them when I was John Lennon for Halloween, but I ended up really liking the way they look and now I wear them as regular sunglasses.

These are a really cool pair of glasses because of the unique color and 70s style. They are from Urban Outfitters and under twenty dollars.

I love these glasses because of the unconventional shape and of coarse the bar on the top that screams 70s. These are also from urban and about 18 dollars. The fade really reminds me of Hyde form that 70s show.. anyone else think so?

This pair is from free people- I know what your thinking, “OMG so expensive”, but free people’s eye wear is not as bad as you though. These small framed and burnt orange tinted glasses were only 20 dollars, and I had a discount on them. So I ended up only paying $12! I know right- crazy.

Let me know your favorite pair in the comments!

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