Weight loss 2 weeks update

Today is the start of my third week on this ketosis diet. In total I have lost about fifteen pounds in two weeks. I was starting to get discouraged because I haven’t seen much of a difference In my body and I’m getting tired of the same foods. But I went prom dress shopping yesterday, and I was so happy with how I looked. I still felt that I could look better though, so that definitely got me motivated. Also seeing my scale say I weighed 15 pounds less yesterday morning was very exciting as well.

Here are some things I’ve been eating:

Mozzarella cheese

Buffalo chicken dip with celery

Cucumbers with blue geese dressing

Turkey burgers with mustard

Roasted cauliflower and broccoli

String cheese

cottage cheese

And of coarse coffee and tea with a splash of almond milk

The one thing I can tell you is to not give up because you’re just getting started. Especially with this diet, after the first couple weeks the weight seems to fall off. For someone like me, I let myself go so far that I have only now reached my original weight before I tore my ACL (which was the start of my detrimental weight gain). So it is so important for me to keep going so that I can actually look my best at a weight that my body should be at.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate all the love I got on my last weight loss post, and I hope some of you are still on this journey with me. Xx

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