Day Three: The Diet

Today is my third day on my diet. I feel good, and I am not struggling to stick to it (yet). I have been really strict on eating only meat, eggs, cheese, and some green vegetables, but I do try to keep my veggie intake to a minimum to insure that I will get into ketosis.

Here’s what I have been eating:

For Breakfast I have had eggs. The first two days I was in a rush, so I had one hard-boiled egg and a cheese stick. this is probably the only thing I can have in the morning that takes practically no preparation. Today, my third day, I had extra time, so I made a Taylor ham, egg, and cheese minus the bun. Every morning I have also had a cup of coffee with a splash of almond milk.

Lunch can be a little more flexible than breakfast, although I do usually have to pack a lunch for school, so that means no warm food. The first day I had pepperoni and cheese, celery, and a pickle. The second day I had chicken salad (chicken with mayonnaise), two pickles, and a cheese stick. Lastly, today I had a left over hamburger that I made the night before with cheese and mustard on top (trust me its delicious). I also had celery with cream cheese(again you’re going to have to trust me on this one). This lunch was an exception to the no hot food rule because I did not have school.

I usually have a snack between lunch and dinner which is usually some kind of cheese, pepperoni, pickles, or celery and cream cheese.

For dinner I always have something warm because it makes me feel fuller even though I am keeping my portions low. the first night I made two chicken breasts in the skillet with chili pepper and seasoned salt as the seasoning. I also steamed some broccoli, but I made sure to only have about a cup of it because I want to keep green low until I get deeper  into ketosis. I ate one of the breasts and left the other for the next day’s chicken salad, and I had the broccoli with a sprinkle of cheese on top. the second day I made four burgers as a meal prep for the next few days. I added a bit of seasoning and cooked them on my Forman grill. I added mustard on top and had some roasted asparagus with it. tonight for dinner I am planning on having a taco salad, so just ground beef with taco seasoning with lettuce, cheese and sour cream on top.

thank you for reading I will be back with more weight loss updates in the future.


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