Learn how to be creative

Creativity (part 1- writing)

Not everyone is naturally creative. Being a left-handed individual myself, I am inclined to be more creative. Although I’m not keen on giving up my insight and tips on my only talent and good quality, being creative is something anyone can do.

First off you’ll need a journal. I started journaling years ago, and it has become a huge hobby of mine. When you first get started, just write about your day or something interesting that just happened to you. After a while, you may notice that you’ve begun to write a lot about your feelings. Maybe you have even been using some literary devices or interesting story telling techniques. This is creative writing! Congrats you’ve accomplished your first form of creativity.

If you’re like me you’ll start to wander off into other written forms of creativity. I myself have 3 journals ( don’t think I’m weird).

Journal 1) this one is to write about my day and about something monumental that happened recently (a date keeper if you will).

Journal 2) a quote journal-this one is a little different. This is one of my favorite ways to get in a creative mind space and really feel relaxed. I take my favorite quotes from songs, people, books, and movies and write them in an artistic way in my journal (I actually got a journal like this for my sister as a gift and she loves it).

Journal 3) this one is a poetry journal. I’ve recently been into poetry since taking creative writing this year in school. It’s really opened my eyes about what poetry really is. Poetry is something that should come naturally once you are creatively strong. It extremely satisfying to finish a poem and read it out loud because you made it and you can understand it in the way you meant it.

Once you’ve mastered the journal field you’ll be able to easily accomplish any written work you have in mind- short stories, memoirs, poems, and maybe even a novel. Always remember to let your mind be free and explore the deepest corners of your brain, and you’ll never run out of things to write about.

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