Healthy Food brands I love

Now that I’m Paleo I make a conscious effort to eat the most organic and healthy foods as I can. It can be hard figuring out what truly healthy or not, so I’ve done the work for you. Most of these items have very few ingredients and REAL ingredients (because I wouldn’t consider all those chemicals food). These are some of my favorite brands that I buy from because I know they are healthy and delicious!

1. Bolts Red Mill

This brand is great for gluten and grain-free baking. They have all kinds of flours and baking sets. I’ve also been loving their Muesli. It’s a type of hot or cold cereal that’s very popular in Europe. My sister told me all about it, and she says it’s much healthier than regular granola or cereal because it has no added sugars. This one has pieces of dates and raisins that make it perfectly sweet. I have it with either almond milk or dairy free yogurt and some banana on top.

2. Go Raw

Go Raw is an amazing brand that uses minimal ingredients in all of their products. I have tried these three so far and absolutely love them. The lemon pie and choco crunch are guilt free cookies made with sesame seeds and dates. They will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. They are also low calorie, so you can have a lot without feeling bad. Zesty pizza is a new one to me. This is the first time I have tried any of their savory items but I can say I really like this one.

3. Ripple

Ripple is the company that sells dairy free milk, yogurt, and other dairy goods. This is my first time ever trying out this brand. It has a very similar taste to normal yogurt, and they have all different flavors that are amazing. It’s also a great source of protein. I like this brand because it doesn’t have soy, and it has minimal unrecognizable ingredients.

4. Wholesome Pantry

Wholesome pantry is an amazing brand for nuts, seeds, dried fruits, beans, baking goods- pretty much anything you can think of they sell it in an organic and healthy version. My favorite thing from this brand are the salted and roasted cashews. They are so delicious and an absolute perfect snack.


I am so in love with these. They come in all different flavors and taste like a cheat. Once again you can notice that there are minimal ingredients in this product. This is a great way to know what you’re really getting in a bar. It’s higher calorie than the other snacks but still pretty low and can be easily fit into a low calorie diet.

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