Gym Hacks/ How to Stay Motivated

Throughout This school year I have made a conscience effort to get active at a gym because I was not going to be doing any organized sports. the past months of “gyming” have taught me how to be motivated and that the gym isn’t the equivalent of hell (although, in the beginning, I described it as so). Here are som tips that will help you stay encouraged, motivated, and interested while at the gym.

1. Do things you enjoy

Now this doesn’t mean don’t challenge yourself, but I think it’s important to do exercises that won’t push you away the next day.

I hate running, but I’ve learned that changing tempo and doing intervals really helps me get through a 20 to 30 minute run, and I can enjoy it more. Another example- some exercises just don’t work for my body at this stage. Maybe for a thinner girl, it would work better, but for me it’s just uncomfortable and I don’t feel a burn or benefit while doing it. Don’t force yourself to do something that’s just not working. Focus on the basics, and make sure you feel a burn.

2. Don’t do the same things every day

Unless you are a super scheduled or no change kind of person, i think it’s helpful to switch up your workout. Something that really killed my motivation in the beginning was the mindset that I HAD to run everyday. I switch from long, slow runs to interval sprints to HIIT workouts to the stair machine.

I also make sure to switch up arm and leg days. I think it’s just a more effective way of working out and it makes it new and exciting everyday.

3. push through the tired

After school most days, I feel way too exhausted to move my body. However, I find as soon as I get into comfy workout clothes I feel a little better. If by the time you get started with your first exercise and still don’t feel energized, maybe that’s a Day to take it easy. Do a little walk, short jog, or a little weight lifting with an ab workout. If you get a little sweat going, you know that at least you moved your body for the day, and be sure to get some rest and a harder workout the next day.

4. Treat yourself

Of course you don’t want to throw away all the hard work you just did At the gym, but I always feel happy to indulge on days I know I put in work. I tell myself that if I don’t work out I can’t have a treat. For example, after the gym I usually have a smoothie(either a green smoothie or protein smoothie) or at night I’ll have some Chocolate covered almonds.

Both are high in sugar and will give you a little feeling of a cheat without throwing away your hard work.

5. Go on your favorite days religiously

My favorite day to work out is Sunday because there’s usually fewer people there, and I don’t usually have much going on on Sundays. It’s also a great way to start the week because it is a natural stress reliever. For me Sunday workouts start my week off right, and I think I am more likely to continue going to the gym the rest of the week if I go on a Sunday.

Lastly, it’s always inspiring to see your progress, so take pictures of your body often. When you start to see results, you’ll be excited to get to the gym.

Hope some of you got some inspiration from this post. Let me know a way to keep your self motivated at the gym!

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