We Need to Get Serious About Recycling

It’s so upsetting to see plastic bottles and tin cans buried in leaves. It is impossible to go on a walk and not see something plastic on the ground.

Recently I have become more aware about the plastic I use. It is unbelievable how copious plastic is. IT’S EVERYWHERE. I think it is important to become aware of what happens to plastics once they are littered. Plastics slowly break down into tiny micro pieces that become invisible to the human eye. These plastics will stay on the Earth for generations. In fact, it is likely that one piece of plastics will out live your great grandchildren’s children.

I believe that this can be easily rectified. Although it takes dedication and caution, there is one solution; stop using plastics. This may seem dramatic, but I believe that it is easier than you think. Using glass water bottles, reusable grocery bags, and eating/purchasing more whole foods that lack packaging, can all decrease the plastic epidemic.

I have recently written a research paper on this topic. If you wish for more information, I can publish it here.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the concequences of plastic use.

2 thoughts on “We Need to Get Serious About Recycling

  1. This is so true! It’s crazy that when you step outside, it’s harder to find an area without littler that find areas that are environmentally clean. I went to Dubai a few years ago and it’s illegal to litter and it was so beautiful and scenic. Laws like that should be put into places like the UK.

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