Why you should thrift

I love thrifting because you can get some really cool pieces, but there’s a stigma that goes with it. More old-fashioned shoppers think it’s unsanitary or stinky to wear others’ clothing which I can understand; thrifting is not for everyone. But maybe with these reasons I could change your mind.

1) it’s cheap

I’m sure you know by now that thrifting is the best way to save money on clothes, and those of you who prefer to only wear designer or nice brands are not excluded. You can find nicer items from stores like Plato’s closet or thredUp (which is an online consignment shop with really nice brands). Both of those stores will actually pay you for your old clothes. In the picture above, my top is from Plato’s Closet, and it’s from free people (got it for $16).

2) it’s better for the environment

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. When you choose to buy from a consignment shop, you reduce the amount of clothing you buy from a regular store. This is important because we can lower the amount of clothing in circulation, creating less waste. By purchasing items from thrift stores, we are reusing other’s items. For people like me who tend to buy clothing and never wear them, giving them to one of these shops will ensure it gets use. Every piece of clothing should be used to its full potential to help with wasteful habits in America. Lastly, we are recycling products when we give them to others who are in need, so it is important that even if you do not want to buy from these stores, that you at least donate or sell to them.

3) better quality

Especially at places like a Salvation Army, you can find really good quality items. Clothes these days are made so flimsy so that we go back to buy new things sooner. When our parents were our age, they went shopping twice a year because their clothing was made to last. People typically dump off their super old items at these stores (which is also a plus if you like a vintage or retro look). The jeans in this picture are from the Salvation Army (men’s section) and they only cost me 2 dollars. I’ve never wore such sturdy jeans before, and I absolutely love them.

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