3 Best Forms of Training for Weight Loss!

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Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions at the gym? Do you do an hour of cardio and see no results? These are questions we all might have answered yes to at one point or another. A lot of people run straight to the elliptical or tread mill when it’s time to slim down. Although those machines will help you burn calories, they may not be showing results unless you push through an hour or more on them. The exercises I am going to discuss with you are quick and intense, and they are created to burn pure fat!

An important note to remember is that you can lose weight in all different forms of exercise. The three I’m going to tell you about are ways that really get your heart rate up and expedite weight loss. They are not the only ways to lose weight. These are just training techniques I have used to loss weight and burn fat. The biggest part of weight loss is your diet, so get your nutrition in check first then try these three workouts and you’ll be in business!

Exercise 1

HIIT (high Intensity Interval training)

HIIT has become a necessity in fitness experts workout regimes. this intense form of training helps burn fat while maintaining muscle through body weight exercises.

for example, a HIIT workout I try to do about once a week goes like this:

3 sets breaking only between sets

first set: 15 reps (you can also start with 20 reps if you’re feeling up to it) of burpees, jump squats, side plank leg lifts, jumping lunges, balancing (on half yoga ball) spidermans, and push ups

second set: repeat with 10 reps

third set: repeat with 5 reps (making this one count with all the energy you have left)

this workout is killer and super quick (much better than a 30 minute run). the next day your legs and arms will feel sore, and you’ll feel a little stronger.

Exercise 2


this is another form of HIIT, but we are running now.

this is good for athletes especially those who are working on speed, but for the rest of us, it’s a great session ender.

after an intense lifting session, this is good way to end your workout on a strong note by burning the last little bit of energy you have.

I like to do a 20-30 second sprints with a 20 second break between each. I do this 10 times, but on the last one i like to run at the same pace for as long as possible. I walk out of the gym sweating and out of breath, but feeling energized.

Exercise 3


supersetting is an essential part of lifting. A superset is two or three different exercises (usually lifting exercises) that are done back to back without rest. This really makes your muscles burn as well as getting your heart rate up.

on leg day I might super set a sumo squat with lunges (both weighted with a kettle bell) with 3 to 4 sets and 10 reps.

Thereason these training methods work is becuase they require constant movement and short intense sessions. the harder you go, the more worth while your workout will be.

I am sure some of you have utilized these training methods before, but if you haven’t please leave a comment below letting me know if this was helpful, and if you would like to see a YouTube video showcasing these workouts.


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