4 Ways to Wear Sheer Tops

Sheer tops have been a trend for a while, but styling them can be difficult for those of us who don’t want to show it all. Here are four ways to style four different shear tops and still look classy.

1. Wear a tight top under it

This is an obvious one but sometimes it doesn’t look great. An easy way to make this way work is by wearing a shirt the same color as the sheer top. Even a tube top would look really good with this method.

(Both of these tops are from American eagle)

2. Wear it under a Flow-y top.

This will work great for the sheer tops that are a little more fitted. Again, matching colors would be idea here, but I personally didn’t have a black top to match. Using a top like this will spice up any pain outfit like this.

The sheer Top is from urban outfitters and the grey top is American eagle)

3. Wear a bralette under it

While this may not be the most conservative option, it’s definitely a cute one, and it can be changed to one’s comfort level. The bra I have chosen is high neck which makes it fairly modest. You can also wear other kinds of bras and bralettes and, it will look gorgeous.

(The sheer top is from TjMaxx and bralette is from aerie)

4. Wear it under a dress

This is the most out of the box one, but it works and makes your outfit look super unique and put together. This one I think looks best if you wear a sheer embroidered top and a plain dress or vice versa. I never thought about this until I saw a model on a website wear something similar. Since then I have been trying to incorporate shear tops into plain outfits.

(The sheer top is from TjMaxx and dress is from urban outfitters)

Let me know if I missed out on any other cute ways to wear sheer tops!

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